Maquinit Hot Spring Coron Philippines

The only known salty hot spring in Asia is Maquinit Hot Spring. Maquinit Hot Spring has a therapeutic skin treatment. “Hot natural spring in the middle of Sea” Maquinit Hot Spring is a Hot Springs/Geysers. If you have been there, please let me know through a comment below. How was it? .. What was the […]

Tanggangzi Hot Spring Anshan China

Way back 1200 years to the Tang Dynasty and the Emperor Tang Taizong Li Shimin is said to have stayed here in Tanggangzi Hot Springs. The last emperor of China, Puyi enjoyed the waters here at Tanggangzi Hot Spring as did the Northeast warlord Zhang Zuolin. Tanggangzi Hot Spring water is clean and clear and […]

Nanxi Hot Springs, China Eastern

Nanxi Hot Springs - “Where else can you bathe in the hot blood of an ancient Fairy Dragon?” Nanxi Hot Springs which the ancient Chinese referred to as the Fairy Water, is in northwest Ninghai County, within the Dragon Valley area of the Hot Spring Forest Park in Nanxi, Shenzhen. The Dragon Valley is one of the […]